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Primary Care

Manage current conditions and prevent future ones with ease. 

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Urgent Care

Access 24/7 treatment from world-class clinicians from wherever they are. 

Mental Health

Help your workforce get back to good mental health with continuous management for anxiety and depression.

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Help your team, and their family, thrive. Care for children over 3 included.

This is
Tula’s Story

Turning urgent care visits
into long-term primary care

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Superpowering doctors

Advanced technology empowers
clinicians to provide smarter, more
effective care for better outcomes.

See why our providers love working with us.

Automated Intake

A self-service, guided intake streamlines workflow and lets clinicians focus on what really matters – delivering care. 

Smart EMR

Ensure uninterrupted care with a holistic view of patient data. Centralized medical records give the entire care team a complete patient overview, ensuring a higher level of comprehensive, quality care provided.

AI Support

Our AI layer, who we call K, provides the patient with highly personalized information and provides our clinicians with seamless support.

Automatic Follow Up

Our technology layer enables the provider to set follow ups for the patient based on their specific care plan and seamlessly reengages the patient with their care team.

The care we deliver

What people typically say about traditional Primary Care
  • “It takes a long time to get an appointment”

  • “My doctor’s office is only open 9-5”

  • “Waiting rooms are packed (and full of germs!)”

  • “High prices and surprise bills”

  • “My doctor’s always busy”

  • “I always put off my annual physical”

  • “I forgot my doctor’s exact advice”

  • “It’s overwhelming to manage my chronic conditions”

Hydrogen Health Virtual Primary Care
  • On-demand, no appointment needed

  • Extended primary care hours for care when you need it

  • Safe from the comfort of anywhere

  • Low cost

  • A care team that knows you, and is always free to chat

  • On-demand wellness check-ups and preventive care

  • Digital record of your care and next steps

  • Primary care made simple

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Learn more about how to deliver advanced primary care without the cost

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